Game description

Castaway is a fast-paced action game involving water physics. You are in control of a 19th century post barrel. Back in the day, these message carriers were a very common way of keeping messages dry and safe from the water of the Baltic Sea. Your mission is to reach the shore with as many points as possible while collecting letters and avoiding obstacles. The game controls are very easy to learn: dive and jump by holding your finger down on the respective side of the screen. There are many power-ups to collect and make your gaming experience even more exciting.
Go with the flow and feel the breeze as you float through history!

The members of Northstar team:

Scrum master

Johannes Kurula

tel. 044 040 0492


Lauri Kosonen

tel. 050 352 2647


Rami Niemelä

tel. 040 773 2037

Graphic artist

Neea Metsola

tel. 044 539 8595

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